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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems or LMS are programs that enable students and teachers to access the course content for on-line learning. The learning management system hosts the curriculum of semester or full credit courses. Course content for modules or units for use in a blended classroom can also be hosted in the learning management system. The LMS houses the content, administers asssessments, facilitates communication, and contains grades and attendance records of each student.  There are a number of commercially produced LMS with Blackboard, MOODLE and ANGEL among the most commonly known.


Open source management systems have been created and shared by individuals and educational institutions across the world.  Open source programs commonly used are MOODLE and Sakai. and, hosted by the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center, are MOODLE systems used by area educators to deliver full-course curriculum and support resources for traditional instruction.

Some Learning Management Systems used by schools in Ohio include

The price structure for the various LMS varies.  Blackboard charges a specific amount based upon the number of licenses used per year. will sell their platform to the educational entity thus eliminating the constraint of a limited license while providing on-going technical support. Products such as MOODLE and Sakai are open source systems.


LMS programs must be hosted on a server located either at the school or at the company for an additional cost to the district.


Not all curricula can be hosted on all platforms.

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