In 1997, video distance learning began to make an impact on education in Ohio through funding contributions made by Ohio's large local exchange telephone companies as a result of various stipulations and agreements with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. By 2003, For the past 12 years, a statewide network of support staff and agencies has met monthly to promote, develop and encourage the use of Video Conferencing within the districts we serve. In 2011, this group voted to become an official organization, for the benefit of those districts and content providers we serve. We organized, developed a charter and have become an affiliate of the national organization, United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). As a state member of this organization, our mission is the same; to promote the use of Video Conferencing in the schools we represent.

We have three forms of membership and unique privileges associated with each.

  • Educational Service Consortium - $250 annually.  A consortium is a group that represents multiple school districts and organizations as one medium of content delivery to the association.
  • Educational Entity - $100 annually. An educational entity is designated to represent a school district, content provider, institution of higher education or like organization.
  • Associate Participant - Free. As an associate participant, a member may attend OhioDLA meetings and participate in the association.

You may download the Membership Application below and use the OhioDLA Membership Form to indicate your interest in joining OhioDLA.